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We are the premier trenchless pipe lining company serving the Philadelphia and the entire Eastern Seaboard. We have been performing pipe lining for over 14 years and have lined or repaired more residential and commercial jobs then just about any other company. When people ask us what separates us from other pipe rehabilitation companies we tell them it’s our LIFETIME WARRANTY GUARANTEE. After all our slogan is “The Trenchless Team Guaranteed for Life”!

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Over 14 Years in Trenchless Pipe Lining

No-Dig Solutions

Preserve Your Property with Trenchless Technology

Lifetime Warranty Guarantee

Guaranteed for Life

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Restoring Your Pipes in Less Than 24 Hours


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In order to be one of the best pipe lining companies you need experience there is no way around that. This industry requires a lot of training and experience because no two jobs are alike. Most of our customers who call us have do not want to dig up their property. We understand that by digging up your property it creates a mess and is usually more expensive and it never gets restored back to its original condition. We prevent this from happening as we offer no dig solutions.

We decided to name our company, The Trenchless Team, because it is a team effort. From the time of our first conversation, till we are finished with your job we are there for you every step of the way. We guarantee our work and we take pride in offering the latest technology in trenchless pipe repair.

When a pipe starts to break down, leak or fail we understand this can be a very frustrating and worrisome time. Most customers tell us they have no idea what to do! We take the worry out of restoring your pipe or sewer system. Once we start the work we can generally be done in less than 24 hours time and will have your sewer back up and running in a better than brand new condition. With our latest sewer inspection camera’s and hydro jetters we can inspect and clean any pipe without needless worrying.


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Real Experiences from Satisfied Customers

Hear directly from our clients about their experiences with The Trenchless Team. Our commitment to quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction has earned us rave reviews. Discover why we are the trusted choice for trenchless pipe repair.


I’ve worked with many pipe repair companies, but none as efficient and professional as The Trenchless Team. Their no-dig solutions saved us time and money, and their team was fantastic to work with.

Sarah Johnson

Property Manager


The Trenchless Team restored our pipes in under 24 hours. Their advanced technology and expertise were evident from the moment they arrived. Highly recommend their services!

Michael Brown

Business Owner


We needed a reliable company for our commercial property projects, and The Trenchless Team exceeded our expectations. Their experience and dedication to quality work are unparalleled.

Emily Davis

Real Estate Developer


The Trenchless Team was a lifesaver! They fixed our sewer line without digging up our yard. The whole process was quick, and their lifetime warranty gives us peace of mind.

John Smith