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3 Important Aspects of Quality Trenchless Dig Repair

trenchless dig repair Whether you own a home or a business, there are unique plumbing needs relative to your building that need to be addressed as soon as problems arise. Thankfully, recent advancements in sewer repair technology have made it easier than ever to make these repairs while maintaining your beautiful landscape.

Trenchless dig repair enables professionals to both inspect and fix your pipes without invasive digging. With antiquated methods, massive digging operations were required to simply find problems within a sewer, let alone fix them. Trenchless dig repair avoids this invasive digging and allows you to keep your landscape looking beautiful and virtually untouched. Here are three important components of trenchless dig repair and how they work to fix your plumbing without ruining your landscape:

    • Video drain inspections

      Before your trenchless dig repair can begin, a professional must perform a camera drain inspection to diagnose the problem. Often times, the problem is found to be tree roots, which can cause thousands of dollars in damage to sewer lines. Whether it be tree roots or just a common clog, trenchless dig professionals can find these issues without ruining your lawn and inform you on the best ways to rectify the problem.

    • Drain cleaning

      If you’re lucky, an inspection will reveal that you only need a drain cleaning to repair your plumbing, as opposed to more complex procedures. While this is less serious than pipe repair, allowing your drain to go uncleaned for an extended period of time can do permanent and irreversible damage to your plumbing. A trenchless expert will use modern equipment to effectively clean your drain in a non-invasive manner.

  • Trenchless sewer repair

    While still fairly new, trenchless dig repair is already helping millions of home and business owners to protect their landscape while receiving important repairs. Though trenchless options can cost 30-50% more than conventional digging in some cases, they’re still much more cost-effective because you’re not spending thousands of dollars in additional restorative work. Two of the most common methods used in trenchless dig repair are pipe lining (reinforcing your existing pipes) and pipe bursting (pipe replacement,) both of which protect your landscape from invasive digging. Plumbing experts say pipe bursting and lining are equally durable, and many services come with warranties ranging from 10-50 years.

As trenchless pipe repair continues to grow in popularity, more and more homeowners are reaping the benefits of non-invasive solutions to complex plumbing problems. Find a trenchless dig repair expert in your area and fix these dire problems before they worsen to a point of no return.

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