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Innovative Drain and Sewer Repair

philadelphia-sewer-repairThe dreaded excavation is generally what customers dread the most about Philadelphia sewer repair. The thought of landscaping, parking lots, drive ways or structures being damaged during the process makes people cringe. Not only is it ugly, it can be costly to repair the damage.

Thankfully there is new innovative technology that allows us to avoid extensive excavation. Instead of digging a huge hole in your yard, we dig only a small access hole and perform all of the work under ground. Our trenchless technology could save you a lot of money on repairs to your landscaping and other on-site structures.

When We Can’t Help It

Sometimes trenchless Philadelphia sewer repair just isn’t an option. We try to use our trenchless technology whenever possible. However, some situations just don’t allow us to use that method.

When you have to have an excavation done, we can do that too. We will do our best to minimize the damage to your landscaping, driveways and parking lots. We dig only what is absolutely necessary to complete the drain or sewer repair. We know that excavation is an interruption to your routine, so we complete your sewer repair within just one day.

Sewer Replacement via Trenchless Pipe Bursting

If it is determined that your sewer cannot be repaired, we can replace it without having to excavate a large area. This is done through an innovative method called trenchless pipe bursting. Pipe bursting requires only two small access holes to be dug. We will do so with your costs of landscaping repair in mind, and do our best to minimize the damage.

With trenchless pipe bursting, a bursting head is placed on the end of a sturdy cable. The new sewer line is placed behind the head. This cable is pulled through the existing sewer line, busting up the existing sewer and installing the new line behind. The process is performed very quickly, and with minimal damage to surrounding features.

Sewer Repair via Trenchless Pipe Lining

It is always preferable to save money by repairing your sewer rather than replacing it. Whenever possible we will perform Philadelphia sewer repair. We can do so using our innovative trenchless technology. All that is required is one small access point.

In trenchless pipe lining a gel like liquid lining is streamed into the sewer line. An inflatable bladder is then installed in the sewer. This bladder is filled with heated water to press the lining around the sewer line. The heat and pressure from the water allows the lining to adhere solidly to the sides of the sewer line, filling holes and cracks and sealing them so that they do not cause further damage. Afterward the bladder is popped and removed.

The best thing about trenchless pipe lining is that it saves your sewer from replacement for years to come. A pipe lining can last nearly as long as brand new sewer pipe. The process can save you a lot of money now and down the road. Call us today for an estimate at 844-Sewer84.