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Sewer Pipe Inspection In Philadelphia – Drexel Hill Reveals Tree Roots

As it is finally springtime here in the greater Philadelphia area we are confronted with our old nemesis, tree roots growing inside sewer pipes.  Many of our customers who call us here at The Trenchless Team have the same problem that a lot of homeowners have.  Tree roots love to grow inside your sewer pipe.  Tree roots love to search out viable water sources and what better water source is there than your sewer pipe?  It never ceases to amaze us how a tiny little tree root can creep its way inside the smallest crack or work its way through a pipe joint.  Once the pathway is established, and you do not catch it in time that tiny tree root will not grow to a root the thickness of your finger, it will invite friends to join in on the fun. logo

Let us tell you that tree roots are destructive and it will cause backups with your sewer system.  The problem is one you start to cut the roots out, they grow back thicker and with more aggression.  The tree above ground wants to live, and if you start hacking at its roots, it will cause it to grow back with gusto. We have been doing trenchless pipe repair here in the greater Philadelphia area for over 12 years.  And, it is our experience that epoxy pipe lining is the most thorough and effective way to keep tree roots out of your sewer pipes.  You see, with a pipe liner it will effectively seal out all joints thus making it impossible for roots to find their way back into your pipe. Pipe lining is the best way to fully rehabilitate your sewer pipe back to a better than brand new condition.

If you would like to learn more about this process, call us today and let us do a camera inspection.  We offer FREE ESTIMATES and FREE CONSULTATION with any pipe repair. Our work is GUARANTEED FOR LIFE!

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