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Video Camera Sewer Pipe Inspection Philadelphia – The Trenchless Team

The Trenchless Team has been performing video camera inspections in Philadelphia for over 10 years. There are times when our pipes need to be inspected because they are old or possibly have a leak or crack in them. The Trenchless Team does both residential and commercial jobs. It is evident that the a sewer camera inspection can truly pinpoint the areas that need to be repaired. Let’s face it, we all need to repair our pipes one day. It is simply a matter of when.

A video camera inspection is also important to have when you are selling your house. It is always good to know if your pipes are in good condition or not. A buyer may not want a home that has old and corroded pipes. However, with a camera inspection, the contractor will give you a cd or usb file of your inspection. It is a great way to show you are a responsible home owner. In Philadelphia there are many camera inspections that are required when you are buying a home or property. It is impossible to fit a human body in a 4 inch pipe. Therefore, we have all different types of cameras that can do the job and determine the condition if the pipe.


It is always a good idea to inspect your sewer. You just never know what could be going on underground. This could actually prevent future destruction to your pipes and save you money in the long run. We all love to save our money we work so hard for. It is just a simple and inexpensive way to really know what is going on with your sewer. Please don’t let it go, as it will cost you more money and more headache. A simple hairline fracture in your pipe can lead to a full blown cracked pipe and may need to be relined altogether. Don’t wait, investigate!

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