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Bethesda Naval Hospital – Storm Drain Repair

The Trenchless Team Patches Up the Bethesda Naval Hospital’s Storm Drain System

Having treated American presidents since Franklin D. Roosevelt, the Bethesda Naval Hospital received treatment of its own when The Trenchless Team installed state-of-the-art piping systems for its storm sewers.

Mid-Atlantic trenchless drain repair company The Trenchless Team was recently contracted by a distinguished client, the Bethesda Naval Hospital, to repair its faulty storm sewer system.

Contacted by the hospital a few weeks ago, The Trenchless Team is currently at work repairing the sewer and drainage systems. Expected to finish up by the end of the month, the crew is on the “discovery phase,” i.e. the process of examining and analyzing the system before any repair work is actually done. The “repair phase” is forthcoming.

Owned and run by Tim Hawkins, a 14-year veteran of pipe restoration work, The Trenchless Team had to evaluate pipes more than 20 feet underground. Using traditional methods, repair crews would have had to dig large trenches on the hospital’s property in order to reach the pipes. The Bethesda Naval Hospital would be forced to destroy the facility’s landscaping.

Considering this to be an issue, hospital administrators decided against it, opting instead to use the trenchless piping method.




According to Hawkins, his company is currently inspecting the hospital’s pipes using a small retractable camera in order to identify damaged areas. Once that’s done, the crew will use a jet-powered hydro system that blasts highly-pressurized water into the pipes in order to completely flush them out.

Finally, they will insert epoxy resin liners into the pipes and allow them to harden, which typically takes less than 24 hours. The pipes are effectively replaced by the harden material. Though the new “synthetic” pipes are a bit smaller, their composition will allow water to flow faster.

The hospital, which along with the Walter Reed Army Medical Center is the premier medical hospital in the country, experienced problems with its storm drain pipes. Having been installed decades ago, the hospital decided to contact an experienced contractor in trenchless pipe repair. They eventually decided on The Trenchless Team. Hawkins, for one, couldn’t be happier.

“It’s quite an honor to be a part of this project where so many past presidents and other dignitaries have gone to receive medical care,” he said.

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