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Cherry Hill Sewer Pipe Inspection –

Sometimes we find the darndest things when we perform sewer inspections.  Here in the Cherry Hill area we took a call from a concerned homeowner and she was experiencing a back up.  Her downstairs bathroom flooded with raw sewage and when we arrived we cleared the line and ran sewer camera inside her line.  Upon inspection it was determined the customer had tree roots that had intruded her pipe line through a faulty connection. The backup was due to toilet paper getting caught and hung up on the root ball.  The connection ran under her driveway which featured custom paver stones.  The paver stones are very expensive and the customer did not want to dig up her driveway just to repair her broken sewer pipe.  The good news after the inspection it was determined this customer was a great candidate for Trenchless Sewer Repair and digging up or excavating her driveway was not needed.  We could go in and line her entire sewer pipe out to the city’s sewer main.


The client agreed to have the work done, and since we have 4 inch liners in stock we were able to go the very next day and begin work.  Work was started on a Tuesday, and less than 24 hours later her entire sewer line had been completely restored back to a better than brand new condition.  She was very satisfied and could not believe how quickly her sewer situation had been resolved.  She was more happy about the fact that our work comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY.  We offer all of our customers FREE ESTIMATES and FREE CONSULTATION and we repair all types of broken pipes, from 3 inch all the way up to 72 inch pipes.  No matter your situation we can help you repair it with peace of mind.  Call us today at 844Sewer84 and let one of our trenchless sewer repair technicians help you out!