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Go Trenchless: Repair Your Sewage Pipes the Trenchless Way

trenchless pipe repair

Repairing damaged sewer pipes is a serious business. Because they are buried deep underground, repair crews have to dig large trenches in the lawns. The repair work is costly, long, and destructive, so much so that homeowners often have to pay for restoration work in addition to the actual pipe repair work itself. Because of this, many homeowners are (understandably) upset and hesitant to have their pipes replaced, even if it’s needed.

However, a new technology that has emerged in the United States over the last 15 years has changed the way pipes are replaced. Trenchless pipe repair is a novel and considerably less-destructive way of replacing sewer pipes than the conventional method. What is trenchless pipe repair? The method (which is also known as trenchless pipe installation, trenchless pipe lining, and trenchless pipe rehabilitation) involves inserting a seamless, jointless pipe into existing sewer pipes. Instead of getting rid of the old pipes outright, the method uses them as a guide to steer the new pipes in. Usually, the old pipes are examined for damaged stops by crews using a sewer camera. Once everything is set, the new pipe is lined in, set in place, and expanded. The new pipes haven’t removed the old ones outright. Instead, they act as the usable pipes.

Amazingly, despite the inventiveness and thrift of this method, trenchless pipe repair isn’t well known in the United States. A recent Angie’s List poll found that 78% of people had never heard of “no dig” sewer technology. However, the same poll indicated that a good 73% of homeowners claim they would pay more for trenchless pipe repair if it meant they could preserve their existing yards. As such, the trenchless method is truly the way to go.

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