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Trenchless Drain Repair: Save Your Pipes and the Lawn

trenchless drain repair

Not only will trenchless drain repair save you money, it’ll save your lawn!

The trenchless pipe repair method has been in the market for close to 15 years, yet incredibly very few homeowners have even heard about it. A recent survey conducted by Angie’s List found that 78% of homeowners have never heard of “no dig” sewer repair technology. Though the method may not be well-known (yet), it’s definitely worth looking into.

The conventional method of repairing underground sewage pipes is considerably destructive. Repair crews have to dig a large trench (or series of trenches) in order to access the pipes, destroying a large chunk of a home’s lawn. As a result, after the repair work is done homeowners are stuck with a giant crevasse in their lawns, which (wouldn’t you know) requires additional restoration work. All in all, repairing pipe linings is a long, destructive, and expensive hassle.

With trenchless pipe lining, however, your lawns (and everything on it) are left alone. The way trenchless pipe installation works is simple. Rather than remove the old pipes altogether, the trenchless method uses the pipes to guide the new ones in. The new pipes are jointless, seamless, and can maneuver within a larger pipe. The new pipes are lead through the old ones via a small incision in the property. By the end of it, the new pipes are aligned, inflated, and serve as the de facto sewage pipes even though the old pipes are still there.

Trenchless sewer pipe services have proven to be wildly popular with homeowners who have tried it. Sewage pipes older than 40 years should be inspected according to leading pipe experts. If your pipes are in need of fixing or even replacing, and you don’t want to tear up your beautiful lawn, consider trenchless drain repair services. For more information, feel free to leave a comment or question at the bottom.